Crazy Indoor Plant People Australia

Crazy Indoor Plant People Australia or C.I.P.P.A (pronounced SIPPA) is a Facebook group for people of all skill levels, backgrounds and beliefs who share a mutual love of indoor plants! It’s a place for people to post pictures of their plants, share information and ask for advice.

I started the group in 2017, hoping to save my family and friends from being inundated with pictures of my 120 indoor plants! I made my son Jackson join (you needed two people to start a group) and it is now a huge community of over 156,000 and growing rapidly.

Members have been asking for ways of spotting the other “Crazies” while they are out plant shopping (besides the obvious armful of plants and a twitching eye.) So, the idea of Crazy Indoor Plant People Australia merchandise was born!

You can order easily at our online Shop!

Are you a Crazy Indoor Plant Person and live in Australia? Come and join us! But be warned, it will NOT help your indoor plant addiction! (Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

Kristy x

Facebook: @crazyindoorplantpeopleaustralia

Instagram: @c.i.p.p.a

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